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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thought I'd Post A Taste of Chaos

This is one of my favorite scenes between Hector and Sam - when they're
first getting together. Too often in erotica, we writers rush past the
sensual pleasure of kissing. I decided in this scene to linger on it

Warning - this is BDSM. ADULT CONTENT.

Hector shoved me backwards and yanked my t-shirt up to my armpits.

My nipples were big cones of flesh. Every nerve in my body connected through that pale pink skin. Hector sucked on them until they were hard nubs and I was about to shoot
inside my pants.

The buckle of Hector’s belt dug into my stomach. His weight bound me to the sagging cushions of my couch and I felt the rapid beat of his heart under his ribs, or was that my pulse?

He traced my lips with his fingers. I panted by the time his thumbnail completed the loop. My mouth pressed to his hand. He gently turned me to face him, and then he tasted me.

Never, never, never had I kissed with a guy like that. Oh sure, one hungry
mouth-invading tonsil swab before the real sex, but nothing like Hector’s carnal kisses He brutally attacked my lips and fucked my mouth with his tongue.

Hector shifted, jabbing his hard-on into my thigh. I ground against him.

“No. Just kiss,” he scolded.

It felt so good to have a body pressed close. Fear tried tapping on my forehead to get my attention, but I was too into Hector to stop. I lost myself in his mouth. My hands slid past
the nape of his neck as my fingers tried to grasp at his crew-cut black hair.

Hector pulled away from my lips. I lifted up, chasing him, but he nuzzled into my neck and exhaled moist air into the wisps of hair behind my ear. One hand crept over mine and intertwined our fingers. Time slipped. Whatever he wanted, I was along for the ride.

I didn’t know what thoughts Hector collected at the nape of my neck, but when he
turned back to me, he teased my mouth with his, brushing past my lips
and then away, never giving me what I craved.

I groaned.

He released my hand and wrapped an arm around my head. As he descended to my parted lips, I wondered what flavor of lonely he tasted in me. Desperate or sad?

Sex could be isolating, but kissing, ah, I wished I had known about kissing before. Unlike my sister Linda, I never had boys over to neck on the couch in the front room of my
parent’s house. Ididn’t dare hunt for sex until I was away at college, and by then kissing was passé. Everything centered on cock.

Hector taught me how to kiss as if it were the highest form of sex.

He pulled back once again and brushed his lips over mine. He bit along my neck, at first light nips, and then so hard I could feel the bruises blossoming under the edge of his teeth. I tipped my chin, surrendering my throat to him.

Against the harsh overhead lights, my eyes closed to heavy lidded slits and I couldn’t
quite breathe. He slowly pinched one of my nipples so that it went from pleasure to pain to pleasure again. Even though he released my arms, I kept them over my head. I winced as the intensity of his pinch grew. Before I could cry out, he put a finger to my mouth. I bit down on my bottom lip to stop the yelp.

He peered closely at me as his fingernails cut into my nipple.

A tear of pain rolled down the side of my face. My back arched off the cushions and I thrashed against him until he released my nipple. At first, it was wonderful, but then the
blood rushed back in and I was in new agony. He let me buck against him, riding out the waves of pain. A fine sheen of sweat covered my skin.

My voice shaky, I begged him for more pain. If he touched me right, I’d
probably come without stroking. My arm wrapped around his neck. I
begged him to kiss me. The addiction was complete. I already had the
shakes from withdrawal.

Hector gently made me let go. He stood and adjusted his package, obviously hard. “I have to go now.”

Was he insane? He could have anything from me. I propped up on my elbows and tried like hell to look irresistibly fuckable.

“Not today, Sam, but go ahead and beg for it.”

(C) 2006 Jay Lygon. Not to be used without consent of the author.

Buy Chaos Magic HERE at Torquere Press.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've just discovered you from Torqure Press. Awesome review from Michael Black so I will definately be buying Chaos Magic. Can't wait to read it.


2:40 AM

Blogger Jay Lygon said...

Mychael's review just blew me away. I'm still doing the happy dance over it.
Enjoy Chaos Magic, then come back and let me know what you think.

6:12 AM

Blogger D. L. King said...


This excerpt is so unbelievably hot! The book is amazing and I've just gifted my best friend with it. I know he'll love it as much as I do.

D. L. King

2:01 PM

Blogger Jay Lygon said...

Thank you DL. ;)

2:25 PM


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