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Monday, April 23, 2007


Thursday, Torquere Press releases Chaos Magic!!!

I'm so excited, I think I'll interview myself.

JL: You are a fantastic writer. I'm looking forward to reading this novel.

JL: *blushes* You're too kind.

JL: So, tell us a little bit about Chaos Magic.

JL: Well, it's gay erotica, BDSM - heavy on the D&S, lots of B, hot D, and a bit of S&M.

JL: huh?

JL: It has tons of sex, bondage, scenes with deep play, and a 24/7 domination and submission lifestyle.

JL: You had me at Tons of Sex.

JL: *smirks*

JL: So - who is your favorite character?

JL: Ooh! Tough question. I adore Sam, but let's face it, he's a trainwreck. He's lucky that Hector will put up with him. I love Hector too, but he's got some issues. He's not a perfect Master even though he is a God. I'd have to say that Angelena, the Goddess of Traffic, is my favorite of the Gods. If I had to be one of the mortals, I'd be Joey, because he's so much fun, but he's also a really good friend.

JL: What's up with Brett?

JL: *laughs* Yeah. I'm interested to see how readers react to him. My beta readers were evenly split. Some thought he was a huge jerk. The rest wondered why no one ever listened to him.

JL: There seem to be some big issues still between Sam and Hector at the end of the story that weren't quite wrapped up.

JL: That's what sequels are for!

JL: Um. Yeah. You better get on that.

JL: I am.

JL: Well, thanks for your time.

JL: It was lovely talking to you. Stop by any time.

I also answer questions from real people - so feel free to drop me an email at JayLygon @ Yahoo.Com. (Delete the spaces in the email address)


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