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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hold That Thought

I was working along quite happily on Love Runes when I was reminded that two weeks from now is the science fiction theme weekend on the Erotica Readers and Writers Association story time list. I've been a bad citizen at ERWA this year. I'll admit it. I've been so wrapped up in novels that I haven't submitted anything in almost a year, and I've only critiqued ten or twelve pieces since January. (Granted, I do in-depth line-by-line edits and critiques, so each one takes me a couple hours, but still, I used to do them every weekend.) But - I need to get back into writing short stories. I only have four anthologies due out the rest of this year, and then nothing. NOTHING. Yikes! So I decided the switch from Love Runes to a short story for theme weekend.

I was at a sticky spot in Love Runes anyway. Brett hates Hector, and Hector merely tolerates Brett, so when they're in a scene together, they tend to get a little testosterone overload going. I have to work myself up to write that. Of course, Brett being Brett, he's going to get his parting shot in by dredging up some of Sam's past and ruining things between Sam and Hector.

Some times I feel sorry for Brett. He's always stuck being the gadfly. He's so damn bitchy. Maybe he needs to get laid. Hmmm. Nope. I need him bitchy for now. Sorry Brett. Maybe next book, we'll get you a nice boyfriend. Of course, you're such a pain in the ass (and so obviously in love with Sam) that he'll probably leave you....


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