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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that I now have the top score on Rocket Launch.

The bad news is that I got the top score instead of writing today.

I try to deal with writing "stuff" every day. That includes reading all the posts on my writer's groups, editing short stories and novel chapters for friends, gossiping - er - sharing industry news with other writers, working on my own writing, reading books I need to review, and (although I've gotten out of the habit lately) reading through calls for submissions.

I love those days when a scene is playing in my head like a movie as I write the words and it just flows. Then there are those days where I work on a single paragraph for two hours. Ugh. Today, I spent three hours rewriting a small passage in my non-erotic novel because even though it was a cool little scene, it didn't do what it was supposed to do. Now it does. But that was time that could have been better spent elsewhere - like writing a hot sex scene. Unfortunately, I write linear - meaning that I write the story in sequence. I used to write out of sequence as scenes grabbed my imagination, but I always end up completely rewriting them anyway, so it's a waste of time. Besides - now I dangle the fun parts in front of myself as a reward for finishing the prior stuff. (NOTE: There is no wrong or right way to write. Some people have to do it linear, some people have to jump around. If it works for you, then it's the right way to do it.) Anyway - I write in a linear fashion, and the next scene I have to write with Hector and Sam has no sex in it, so what the hell, I played computer games instead. Tomorrow, I'm going to sit down and take care of that scene so it isn't in my way anymore.


Blogger Helen said...

I've had days like this, only I end up playing solitaire because I'm too lame to put any real games on my computer.

2:41 PM


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