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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Magical Realism

I found this great link about magical realism.

I sometimes classify Chaos Magic as urban fantasy, but it has elements
that are more closely related to magical realism. It hardly matter what
label is put on it -BDSM , erotica, urban fantasy, fantasy - because
the label doesn't change the story. It's more important what the reader
takes away from it. But I'mstill researching it, because it's nice to have an easy label that fits when I describe the story.

I have about half of Love Runes written. The mundane world is harder to write than the fantastic, because in the fantastic, anything can happen. To balance that out, I try to make the real world as realistic as possible. Real emotions, real conflicts, a real relationship that's struggling to stay together. That's actually very diffficult to write. It's draining emotionally, and it's demanding because every part of it has to ring true.

I dread writing the next 30,000 words, because Sam and Hector are going to have a really rough time of it. But it would be cheating to make it all sweetness and light. I gave them some major issues inChaos Magic that simply can't disappear that easily. Besides, it would be a dull story if nothing happened to them. When things dark for them, I imagine forward to the third book. They'll still have problems, but at least they'll be working together to solve those problems instead ofagainst each other. Not to mention all the cool locations as Sam covers film festivals - Sundance, Venice... Hmmm. I think some research is in order. Maybe I should go to Venice and
check it out. For the sake of the story, you know. I'm just that
dedicated. :)


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