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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Helen Madden, who did all artwork and coding for this site, said she's thinking about a story for my faun. I am too, but I'm probably a year away from putting anything on paper.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

So I'm slaving away on Love Runes trying to get it polished enough to send in, when I do this absolutely terrible thing - I start questioning where the story opens. This is not the time to start delving into a mind-fuck of epic proportions about this. There's a reason I started the story where I did and I shouldn't be questioning that now. But I do. This is bad writer thinking. It's the kind of thing that brings writing to a screeching halt, and if I let it, it can paralyze me from moving forward. I need to stop thinking about thing like the structure of this novel and concentrate on making what I have as good as possible. I'll have to distract myself with something shiny, like where to open the third story in this trilogy. I'm thinking on a gondola. Is that too Death In Venice? Or maybe I should think about my Space Vampire's race (hunter versus herdsman mentality completely changes social structure. Yeah - I'm that geeky). Or perhaps even - no! Too many novels in my head already.


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