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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vampires in SPACE!

Torquere just bought my short story Feed for their Halloween anthology! Yay! I talked a little bit about this story with James Buchanan while we baby sat the Manlover Romance Booth at the West Hollywood book fair, but about all I mentioned was Vampires! In Space! Come to think of it, I mentioned it to Trebor Healey too when he stopped by. They both gave me that wary "sure Jay, whatever makes you happy" look I always get when I start talking about my story ideas.

When D.L. King was out here for a visit a couple weeks ago, I bounced a lot more of the story off her. I had a better grip on what I wanted to do by then. It helps to say thing aloud, because when they sound insane to my ears, I know I'm either brilliant (hah!) or way off track.

I'm excited about this story because I'm trying out new characters for a possible novel. As a departure for me, it won't be BDSM (but there will be plenty o' sex) and it will be either suspense or a mystery. (Many, many thanks here to James Buchanan who supplied the best definition of a suspense novel, ever. Mystery = what happened and who done it? Suspense = how do we keep from getting killed?) All I have to do it finish everything else in my "to do written" stack.


Blogger Angie said...

I hear you, definitely. I always hate giving short descriptions of my stories to friends who aren't into m/m fiction, and sometimes even people who are. I had a vampires-in-space novel a while back too, and a contemporary gay-vampires one that got a lot of eyerolls. When you're talking to someone "normal," this stuff can sound so stupid in soundbite form, I always want to stuff a manuscript into someone's hand and say, "Just read this, okay??" [facepalm]


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