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Monday, December 10, 2007

Did I Mention That Helen Madden Rocks?

She patiently helped me fix the buttons so that if you come into my blog, you can go to my web page. And she did the fabulous artwork. And all the coding. And put up with my stupid questions.

But most important - soon her novel Demon By Day will be released by Mojo Castle. I was lucky enough to read this as she was writing it and absolutely loved it. I hope someone in the yaoi manga world will see the great potential in this story for a graphic novel. Helen's a good artist and she's crazy enough to try to do all the artwork on her own. It would be a ton of work just to convert the novel into a graphic novel script. I know. I've tried. Not a task for the faint of heart. But this story would translate so well into that medium. Not that I'm trying to give you ideas, Helen. (Brandishes the over-commitment fairy wand and waves it at Helen whilst giving her seriously hard looks.) Lord knows you have enough projects stacked up as it is.


Blogger Helen said...

Psst! Don't forget to mention the podcast! I podcast erotic stories, really really good ones!

Helen E. H. Madden
Heatflash - a podcast of erotic short fiction

7:07 PM


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