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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love Runes is on Torquere's Production Schedule

Love Runes is in the hands of my editor. Although she's seriously overworked, so I don't expect to see her suggestions any time soon. It's probably just as well. It's good to get some distance from a novel before working on that last polish.

I sent in my cover art request form this week- always a bit of a chuckle for me. I have no artistic ability. But I do have an opinion! But how do you make the second one fit with the first cover so that they look like they belong together? I have no idea. The first cover was oranges and yellows. This next cover, I asked for green (one of my two favorite colors). The exciting conclusion (I hope exciting to you) takes place in the woods on Beltane Eve around a huge bonfire, so green seemed like a good choice.

And I'm still plugging away on the third of the trilogy. This one is more fun than the other two to write. Maybe because I've had the story in my head so long that it's a relief to get scenes down that I've envisioned for a couple years now. I am struggling with one question though. Would Sam and Hector ever bring a third into their relationship? I'm trying to figure out how I can make the end work if they don't, but in my heart, I want them to remain exclusive. They're so tight together. Any third in the relationship would always be held outside of that deep bond, and I don't feel (in real life) it's fair to have a poly relationship where some partners are less equal than others. These are the things I muse about while I sit in traffic. In the end, it will be like everything else, when the moment comes to decide, I'll let it come from the characters and I'll have to push my feelings about it aside.


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