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Monday, February 18, 2008

Productive Weekend

I was a diligent writer this weekend and got 15,000 words done on CM3. That's amazing output for me, considering that some days I produce all of three sentences (which usually get deleted the next time I sit down). Things are happening at a quick pace now, and man, are things ever getting murky. But you know what they say - things always get darker before they get pitch black. I'm throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Hector and Sam on this one - a sexy Brazilian with the hots for Sam, an evil movie star, a viral X-Tube video, and a little surprise out of Hector's past*. Fun. Mayhem! It's a good thing they aren't real people. I think they'd show up on my doorstep and have words with me.

* Not a child. I would never, ever, ever pull a stunt like that.


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