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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Evil Plot Bunnies of Doom Are Out to Get Me!

I'm not sure where this term plot bunnies came from, but the authors of Torquere Press use it, so I've adopted it. From what I understand, it's all those wild half-formed story ideas that run around in your head, multiplying.

Right now, kung-fu grip plot bunny has me in his evil clutches. It's not going to be easy to shake this one.

It's not that I don't want to have these incredible rushes of creativity. I swear they're like mainlining adrenaline, only more addictive. But... after I finished my first draft of Personal Demons, I set it aside so that I could think about all those details that make a rewrite worth the effort. I'm working on a short story right now and won't return to Personal Demons until I finish it, but then I have to get serious and start working on my rewrite and I don't need the distraction of a vision of a cute, slim, punk, conman jumping on his bed while skull fucking a teddy bear. Really, I don't need that right now *beats back evil plot bunnies with a broom* no matter how deliciously tempting that scene is to write.

Maybe just a couple paragraphs. I can quit any time. Honest.


Blogger Angelia Sparrow said...

"plot bunnies" comes out of fandom.

"Plot holes" are places in the script where omissions are made.

Plot bunnies breed in plot holes, then they come out, attach to your ankle and refuse to let go.

I first encountered the term in the late 90s, in Buffy fandom.

9:51 PM

Blogger Jay Lygon said...

Angelia - thank for the informaiton.

Only now I've got this visual of a plot bunny humping my ankles.....

8:43 AM


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