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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Saints and Sinners program is up!

Saints and Sinners Literary Conference is notorious for posting everything after the event, so I was pleasantly surprised that they posted the participants early this year, and even more pleased to see who was on the same page as I am. Jeff Man is such an incredible writer, and I could listen to Val McDermid talk for hours. Also very pleased to see dear friend Trebor is doing a panel this year. I've already promised to come to his Queer and Catholic reading in the FM. (Which means I'll get to spend some time with Aime Evans too. Good lord I love that woman.) Timothy State is listed!Whoo-hoo ! What a nice guy he is. We had dinner last year. His foam party story in Love, Bourbon Street is wonderful. It looks as if Catherine Lundoff isn't going to make it, but she's sending promo stuff for Haunted Hearths and I promised her I'd hand it out. I hope to have the book in hand, but it's a squeak down to the wire on this one and I don't think it will come from the printers in time. My publisher Shawn Clements will be there. The only thing that worries me is that I don't see Greg Wharton or Ian Philips on the list. I hope they'll be there. What is life without seeing one of Ian's infamous lovely shirts?

I know things change every year, but I was sad to see that the opening night cocktail party won't be at the Ambush Magazine HQ anymore. It was such a crush. The balcony overlooking Bourbon Street packed with slam poets and emo boys. The dining room wall-to-wall editors and publishers. Terrified first timers huddled by the grand piano. The Victorian parlor full of mystery and science fiction writers. The narrow staircase a solid line of people trying to get to the bar on the landing. The bar manned by a red-headed drag king. And then there was the sheer swelter of the narrow, brick lined back patio where you couldn't move much less think above all the noise. *sigh* It was one of the best parties I've ever been to. But I think the conference is so popular now that they simply couldn't wedge another human into the space, so there's a change of venue. I'll miss it.


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