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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love Runes is OUT!

Love Runes is out today!

The second book in the Chaos Magic series is out in e-book and in print today. Sam and Hector - what can I say? They've always had a troubled relationship, but Sam's immaturity is wearing on Hector. It only gets worse when Hector finds out that Sam is paying the Goddess of Eternal Youth to keep him looking, and acting, like a nineteen year-old.
Buy It Here.

The original Chaos Magic is also being released in print today! I love the new cover.


Blogger Angie said...

This was So Much Fun. :D I loved Hector and Sam from Chaos Magic and this one was just as good. I wanted to smack Sam in a few places (usually when he was on his bike [eyeroll]) but it was very Him so....

I liked how both of them had their own fears and weaknesses, their own particular flavor of tunnel-vision. Sam's inability to see that of course Hector would love him just as much if he looked his age, and that in fact Hector likes more mature men, had me mentally headdesking in a few places but it was exactly the sort of thing I could see Sam obsessing about and just not getting. And Hector's automatic assumption that Sam was being deliberately manipulative when he hadn't been at all -- and we were in Sam's POV so it was very clear that he hadn't been -- reflected his own worries and issues as a master. Sam thought that all he had to offer was his cute, boyish looks, so he just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that there was so much more about him to value, even without the teenage cute. And Hector was worried that he wasn't being a good master and that he wasn't being strict enough with Sam, so their conflicts were, in his mind, reflections of his own failure -- of Sam's acting out because weak, bad-master Hector was letting him. Neither of them could conceive that there might be some other point of view because they were each so obsessed with their own internal issues. And it all dovetailed perfectly.

As I said before with Chaos Magic, I love this setting. The gods rock, and I particularly like the new ones in this book. I really want to see more in this universe. Even if you don't want to mess up Sam and Hector's life enough to write another story about it ;) I wouldn't at all mind seeing the focus shift to someone else -- Number One and Ophire, maybe? But someone, so long as we get to see the gods helping and meddling and plotting again. And of course, cameos by Sam and Hector would be cool too. [duck]

Anyway, great stuff. More? :D


10:30 PM

Blogger Jay Lygon said...

You're so sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed Love Runes.

Yeah - Sam has a bad habit of ignoring the 500 pound gorilla in the room, until it flattens him. I get frustrated with him at times too, but that's just how he is. :)

You'll be glad to know two things:

1) I'm currently working on the third novel of the Chaos Magic series. There's a new God in this one. Fame is a sexy, devious Brazilian boy who gives Sam no end of trouble.

Ophir has an important role to play in this one, so you'll see much more of him.

and (drum roll)

2) There's and Ophir and Number One story in the upcoming Toy Boxes: Floggers. No Gods, no Sam and Hector. But I think you'll enjoy the glimpse into Ophir's life.

10:29 AM

Blogger Angie said...

Cool and cool. :D Looking forward to both of them. [wave]


6:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
I have just fininshed Love Runes, and it was FANTASTIC. I am so glad to know you are continuing with this wonderful world you have created. The way you captured Sam's depression was brilliant. Now I have gushed like a fangirl, I am going back to re-read both of these books.
- linda

12:03 AM

Blogger Jay Lygon said...

Linda - What a very nice compliment! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

7:30 AM

Anonymous Melissa said...

I just wanted to let you know that the review for your book, Chaos Magic, has been posted by Fallen Angel Reviewer Nicky, and can be found at:

If you would like a logo stating that your book has been reviewed by Fallen Angel Reviews, please let me know.

6:00 AM


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