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Sunday, June 15, 2008

When an Ending Doesn't Work

I promised myself that I'd step away from Personal Demons for a couple weeks before I tried to rewrite it, but I spent this entire weekend fixing the last third of the story. I didn't see any point in polishing something that I felt didn't do what I wanted it to.

Even tough I know this story inside and out, getting from the beginning to the end isn't as clear cut as it would seem. There are many ways to evoke the same emotions and many ways to make the characters reach the same conclusions. I felt I got to the emotional pitch too early. As a result, I lopped off many scenes, condensed a few, moved others, and simply wrote new ones. Now it hits the climax at the right time, and catches the characters in the right emotional state when everythign comes down. And even better than all that, I finally figured out the best ending. The other ending was good and satisfying, but this one, oy, it packs a punch and shows something about my characters that really moves me. So I'm very happy with my work right now. I can't often say that.


Blogger Helen said...

Which just goes to show that good writing is like good sex. Ya gotta hit that climax moment at the right time ;)

3:39 PM


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