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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And They're Off

My two beta readers have been handed Personal Demons. Oh, the nail
biting. One has had it for a couple days and made a comment that I'm
trying to figure out how to handle.

There's a scene that takes place outside a club - yes, it's important that it happens outside it and not inside - and my beta reader said (a bit wistfully), "But I wanted to go inside the club." All the important stuff happened outside. So do I write a bit more that does nothing to move to story forward but satisfies curiosity, or do I leave it out? This reader made the same comment about another event that the characters fight over. The important thing is the fight, not the event. So I don't show the event. I feel that it would be a filler scene, again not moving the story forward or showing anything new about the characters. All it will do is slow down the forward momentum at a time when the story is building up steam to hit a huge
conflict. At least, that's the way I see it. So I'm waffling. Maybe I'll discuss it with beta reader #2. If that reader also feels cheated, I think I'll be writing at least two more scenes. Hmmm. What would a night club in Venice look like inside?


Anonymous Zathyn Priest said...

I'd wait and see what reader number two says and if he/she stumbles at the same point of the story then perhaps something does need to be added there. If he/she breezes through it with no issues then it's a case of 'you can't satisfy everyone all of the time'.

1:52 AM

Blogger Helen said...

I'm in agreement with Zathyn, but if Beta #2 makes the same comment, is there anyway to have the lead up to the fight or the follow up to the fight happen in the club? I haven't seen the story, so I can't really offer any solid advice. It's just that if you do have a really cool setting and people are dying to see it, maybe you can make it work for the story rather than just be filler.

6:39 PM


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