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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Impromptu Sex Toys

I was going to title this Bondage on a Budget, bu there's already an excellent how-to book out with that title, so I went for something more generic.

My editor sent the edited version of my story A Small Sphere of Influence that's going into the Toy Box: Everything But The Kitchen Sink anthology. She'd probably love it if I'd stop using periods after em dashes. That's my most consistent House Style versus Word conflict. Luckily, the number of other errors seems to get smaller each time, which either means I'm getting better at proofing my own work, or she's given up on some of my quirks. I hope I'm getting better at proofing. (Note to self: read Browne & King's Self Editing For Fiction Writers for the umpteenth time)

But what does that have to do with impromptu sex toys? Everything But The Kitchen Sink was an anthology I really wanted to contribute to because I love the idea of improvisation. As much kink as I write, you'd think I was into toys, but I'm not. I like the feel of fingers, lips, tongues, toes, etc. much more than the touch of silicone. Sure, heavy leather cuffs have a great visual impact that helps someone get into the mindset of a scene, but if I want a certain someone to hobble across the room, I'd rather have him do it with his jeans shoved down around his ankles than with a spreader bar. Why? I don't know. It's hot. It says SEX, NOW! instead of We Will Now Begin to Experience a Planned and Scripted Erotic Act. Plus it has an incredible humiliation factor that can take a guy by surprise.

As soon as I saw the call for this Toy Box, my imagination went into overdrive. I thought I'd end up writing a punishment story, or maybe a first time play scene. Spatulas. Drapery ties. Wooden spoons. There are so many things in a common kitchen that have been eroticized that I'm beginning to wonder if that's the kinkiest room in the house. Out of all the wonderful things at hand that can be turned into sex toys, what do you think I chose?

A small rubber ball.
Used three different ways.
If you want to know how, you'll have to read it.


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