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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't You Love It

Don't you love it when a story just flows?

If you don't write, there still has to be something you do that at times is difficult beyond reason and it drives you nuts, but then there are those times when everything is so right that you remember why you endure the bad times.

The story I'm working on right now is coming to me so easily that it's a rush. I'd promised a fan that I'd try to write another Ophir story. I had an idea. I mulled over it for a couple weeks. I was supposed to be working on another story, but working on that one has been like pulling teeth, so I decided to jot down a bit of this one instead.

So far tonight, I've written over 2000 words. It's all falling into place. Smooth. Easy. Part of it, I'm sure, is that I get to slip back into a universe that I'm comfortable with, the world of Chaos Magic. This time there are no gods. Hector is mentioned, but he's not an active character. This all takes place before Sam enters the picture. So it's just Ophir and Chris.

I've heard that many writers know every little detail of every character in their books, but I've always kept Ophir as a bit of a mystery even to me. My short story in Toy Box:Floggers revealed him a bit. He's a prominent character in the last Chaos Magic book, Personal Demons. But still, he's elusive, our Ophir, because, I suspect, he likes being an enigma. Now he can't hide from me. I'm going to peel back the veil and take a look inside his brain. To make him squirm a lot more, I'm going to peer into his heart, too. Bwahahaha. Poor Ophir, he tries so hard to protect his heart, but this story is about how he met Chris, and no matter how he tries to deny it, Chris is the love of his life. Of course, he won't be able to admit that for years. For now, we'll let him delude himself that it's just plain old lust. Because I'm in a generous mood. It's hard not to be when everything is going so well. Please don't be famous last words


Blogger Helen said...

Bwa ha ha ha! Don't be so scared! You'll pull this off and move on to more stories. You know you will. Famous last words my assets! Looking forward to seeing this one when it's published ;)

11:28 AM


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