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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's No Use Forcing It

A story either works or it doesn't. I wish I knew what made the difference, but it's still a mystery to me.

I was supposed to write a werewolf story for a call for submissions form Circlet Press. I love Circlet and wanted to submit something. But after forcing about three
thousand words, I had no interest in the rest of my story. So I tried a completely different slant, changing the characters, the location, and even the folk legend I drew from. Nope. Nothing. It was worse than my first attempt.

The weird thing is that I like reading werewolf stories. In a way, they're much more interesting than vampires. (Oh I know, perish the thought) Maybe this isn't THE werewolf story for me. I'll have to be patient and wait for that one to bubble up from that mystical place where stories come from. After all, I always swore I'd
never write a vampire story, and now I have three of them published. (Feed, for some incredible reason, was still on the bestsellers list for Halloween Sips atTorquere last week even though it's been there for over a year. I should probably write a novel for those characters. I already know the story. It's just a matter of sitting down and typing it. Besides, you know how much I love saying "Vampires! In Space!")

Well, werewolves might not be working for me, but my Ophir story was pure joy to write. No forcing there. It just worked from sentence one all the way to the end. The only hard part has been keeping my distance from it this past week. It's like a red wine. It needs to breathe for a while after being uncorked. Or before going through rewrites. There's a theme running through it I can't wait to develop fully. Since I already ran it out to nearly 10,000 words, there are two scenes I should probably add. You know. More sex. *contemplates pronoun minefield of a m/m/m/m scene* Sometimes, I love writing. *happy sigh*


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