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Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Here's The Point Where I Start to Wonder

Everything was flowing along so well, and then... nothing. Damn it. *shakes fist at Ophir, who just laughs in his quiet, superior way*

I'm wondering if I should try to rewrite this whole thing from the sub's POV.
Or maybe I should just soldier on and try to figure out why I don't
think it's working. Sometimes, I wonder if writers let their
self-censorship kill their work. After all, a reader might think it
works fine, and I may just be giving myself grief for no reason at all.

So, rewrite the whole thing? Nah. That would be throwing in the
towel and I'm not read to admit defeat. There was a reason why I chose
the Master'sPOV . Not for the whole story. For one line. That's right.
It's because I wanted a single moment of insight into his heart. It's a
fleeting glimpse to be sure, but that's enough. That's probably why the
character is fighting me so hard on this. He wants to stay safely
hidden.Hah! En guard, Ophir . I have you in my sights and I will drag
you, kicking and screaming (he's too dignified for that) into the light
for all to see.Muhahahhahahaha.


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