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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What's the Deal With Masters?

Why are they so frustrating to write?

On one hand, there are the fantasy Sirs who seemingly can read a submissive's
mind and of course give the sub everything s/he needs and push limits
but never ask too much and naturally are rich, gorgeous, and have been
secretly yearning for this one sub is/her entire life.

Yeah. I don't write that kind of Master. Even my Gods have huge personal flaws
and screw up. I'm not about to bestow perfection on a mere mortal.

On the other hand, we have the angsty ones. What is it about the walking wounded Masters? They're so human and so fun to write, but they're not all that easy either, because the greatness in them has to barely outweigh the weakness. Hector isn't terribly angsty, but he can be such a jerk sometimes. (Chorus of voices from my last writer's salon "But that's why we like him.") Syd McGinley's Dr Fell is angsty, hurt, and growly. Again, everyone loves him.

But then there's Ophir. He won't give me a damn thing. If I poke around too much in his past, he gets pissy. Talk about secretive! I'm trying to write him and he simply won't budge on revealing anything about how he feels. Hell, he'll barely even admit what country he's from. (pain of death folks. I swore not to tell.) And he definitely
doesn't like me peering into his thoughts. Of course, I'm writing about how Chris came to serve him, and he's still really touchy (embarrassed is more like it) that he got caught breaking all his own rules because of how he feels about Chris. The last thing Ophir wants me to reveal is how he fell from the start.

("I did not." Ophir is grumbling in the background.
"If you want it told right, you're going to have to give in and tell it to me the way you think it happened," I'm telling him.
Oh great. He went into his study and locked the door.
"Masters don't pout, and they don't run in fear from a few questions! Come out of that study, ya big coward!"
Hah. Maybe that will draw him out.)


Blogger Remittance Girl said...

I find them very, very, very (to the power of 100) hard to write. Possibly because reader expectations and my own tastes don't quite match up. But I've always thought that, bar the cannibalism, Hannibal Lecter made a perfect master. All that power just bobbing beneath the placid surface, and all that wasteland of damage. It's a bit like 'nameless dread', isn't it?
What is a master if not battle-scarred?

8:37 PM


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