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Monday, April 06, 2009

Cover Art

I'm not against naked men. Far from it. My favorite erotic art is Joe Oppedisano's work (click on the Tom of Finland gallery, and look at picture of the boy clutching the boot on the bale of hay. That would have been a great cover for Love Runes. But copy Oppedisano's work? Never. I couldn't live with myself if I stole his vision. His wonderful, perfect, hot, vision.)

For the Chaos Magic series, I wanted to get away from leather, dark colors, and waxed torsos. Lucky for me, my publisher was willing to humor me, even though sales might be higher with the buff bods. Those muted colors on my covers are soothing and the images are not quite like any other book out there. But that's kind of the point. The Chaos Magic series is one difficult beast to sum up. It isn't a typical BDSM story. If I had to do the thirty-second elevator pitch to an agent, I'd have to slam the alarm button, tell her to get comfortable, and explain that "this is going to take a while."

I wish I could dream up straightforward stories that could be easily pitched. I've tried. It would make my work easier to sell both to publishers and to readers. So I have to offer Torquere a big thanks here for taking the leap of faith on a story that even the writer couldn't do a synopsis for. I also have to thank readers who I know turned to their friends and said, "I can't explain it, but read this."

So for those of you wondering where the hot male models are, go buy Joe Oppedisano's book Testosterone. He's got a whole book of masculine erotic art. I would have only given you a cover, and there would have been words covering the best parts anyway.


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