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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Stories Writers Love

Every writer has a story that they can't get published. Usually, it's the one they love the most. I have such a story. I've submitted it three times over the past few years. An erotic horror magazine told me it was "too disturbing," a rejection that I bear proudly. I suspect the most disturbing part about it (to them) was the gay content. I've never seen a piece with gay characters in their publication. But to be fair, publishers who take gay content have turned it down too.

The last time I submitted it, I did something I shouldn't have. I lightened it up a bit. And why? Just in the hopes that someone might give it a chance. (That editor didn't even bother to write a rejection letter. Lazy bastard.) So now I'm going to work it over one more time, and hone the creepiness back to it's former sharp edge. If I can, I'll crank it up even more. Disturbing? Hah! I'll make them back away from their computer screens while brandishing crucifixes and holy water.

Mr. Simmons may never see publication. Maybe it will only ever be a writing exercise for me. But that's okay. Because, you see, I love it, for all the reasons that publishers hate it.


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