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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Need a New Fantasy

I'm waiting for a new story to grab me.

This isn't writer's block. I have ideas. I'm working on other projects under my other pen names. I just don't have a good gay erotic story lurking in my brain.

Sometimes I get flashes of scenes, but a novel can't revolve around two hot young things making out like kissing is their oxygen. They're so happy frotting on the couch that I hate to break them apart for an interrogation.

Me: excuse me

Hot gothy guy: little busy here

Me: I noticed. If you don't mind sliding your hand out of his shirt for a sec, could I ask a few questions? What's your situation?

Hottie geeky blond dude: I was having the best night ever, then this weird writer broke in, and now I'm losing my hard-on.

Me: I'll write mind blowing sex for you to make up for it.

Gothy: We can take care of that ourselves.

Geeky: I knew I should have locked the door.

Me: Any of you being stalked by a creepy ex-boyfriend? Witness a mob hit? Have meddling family?

Geeky: You're kind of stalkerish. And you're meddling.

Me: *writes notes* Okay, good. You're kind of a smart-ass. I can work with that. How about you, Gothy boy? Are you an artist? Oh! How about a dj at a BDSM club?

Gothy: I'm majoring in life sciences, and I'm not a goth.

Me: dyed black hair, guyliner, black clothes...

Gothy: great. I'm a stereotype. Isn't that kind of lazy writing?

Geeky: don't encourage the crazy writer to stick around

Me: so how did you two get together? Was one of you running from a werewolf and knocked the other one down? Or has one of you been secretly in love with the other one from afar for months and just worked up the courage to talk to him?

Gothy: *rises from couch* let's go to my place. We have security gates.

Geeky: I'm over it. Both of you, out.

Gothy: *gives me a hard look* Oh, I am so going to blog about this.


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