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Sunday, January 31, 2010

*Runs Screaming From Room*

For the past three years, I've had the perfect opening lines for a story in my head, and a vague idea of where to go from there, but other projects pushed to the forefront. Now this scene is demanding more of my attention. The problem, and why I know I pushed it back, is that it's steampunk, which means writing a historical.

*Runs screaming from the room*

While you can play a little fast and loose with scientific details in steampunk - it's almost required - I like for as much of the story to be historically accurate as possible. That means research. Ugh. Tons of it. Then there's the prospect of dealing with the arbiters of historical accuracy, who can be a bit self-righteous. And nasty. Lord, are they ever nasty. Gleefully so.

The alternative is to create an otherworld such as Ginn Hale's wonderful Wicked Gentlemen. That's tempting. World building isn't any easier than doing research, but at least no one can make spiteful blog posts about how your character's undergarments aren't period.

I want to mull over this for a while, but the characters want out of my brain and onto the page. We'll see who wins.


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